Sferracavallo is a fisherman village, situated in quiet conservation area, with an easy access to central Palermo, near Mondello.

Capo Gallo and Billiemi mountains dominate the landscape. New guests who don’t know and visit that place are very surprised.

Is a town in Sicily that maybe you will find by chance, such as when you travel by foot or with your caravan. You will stop where your mind and your heart will say “Yes”.

Is located between Palermo’s airport (the nearest, the Falcone – Borsellino airport, 15 km) and central Palermo. Is perfect for visitors looking to book accomodation and want to sleep near Palermo and then take a tour of western Sicily.

Travellers can easily visit all important areas of Palermo and part of the Trapani’s territory.

Distance between Cefalù and Sferracavallo is in fact only one hour. Therefore places such as Selinunte, Segesta, Erice, Scopello, also Monreale and San Vito Lo Capo Trapani are even closer.

It is a country that keeps alive its traditions. Fairs, fetes, fun-days and festivals are an integral part of sicilian culture, and Feast of St Cosma and Damiano perfectly fits the bill. Every year, for a week in late September (between around 26 and 30 September), there’s no better excuse to wave a flag, enjoy cake and real great entertainment, all in the surrounds of Sferracavallo.

During the event traditional games, lots of sicilian quality food stalls selling all kinds of tasty treats. Live music programme with traditional and contemporary acts, including folk groups, sicilian music hall, and showcase for young musicians.

Whole community participates with a great sense of belonging to these days.

During the day of the festival Procession to Saints Cosma and Damiano, the men who carry the heavy “vara” (that’s the name of the statue of the Saints), run barefoot across the country. Late at night, to the sound of typical melodies, the lights of two large statues that “dance” in the streets, excite anyone who takes part in the party, from the balconies or running behind the Saints.

Sferracavallo’s life

Every wednesday there is street market, local bread is always fresh. The typical dishes of our boards, like baked pasta, fresh fish, panelle and crocchè, typical deli, arancine and the traditional desserts are the basis of the menus of the nearby cafes; everything is really on our doorstep, and there is always a yummy smell of salt air.

Around the corner, the route of Barcarello seafront allows you to take a leisurely stroll along a coastline which, though sometimes forgotten, is a valuable conservation area (for example for the Trottoir a Vermeti).

At the end of seafront, you can access for free in the nature reserve of Capo Gallo (rooster’s cape). If you visit Capo Gallo from Mondello side, you have to pay.

Area is ideal for hiking enthusiasts (is rich in animal and plant life), trekking tours, mountain biking, running, sailing, and there are several points of climbing. In summer, we swim in its clear waters with endemical fishes and in seaweed, which marks good health of this sea.

We look and walk these streets every day, but walking into this territory it seems to never be the same.. so we need to know it through your eyes too.